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Reize Artwork - Various Artists

This is a collection of the commissions of Reize Seatlan, my main OC.

Misc. Commissioned

My various other OCs that I commissioned.



:iconcharmeleongirl46: :iconmc-ryan: :iconilovepizza37: :iconhews-hack: :iconthicket1:


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Hey watchers! Sorry that i have not posted stuff. I do owe some commissioned artist reviews. I promise to handle that sometime before August.

Anyway, I have pondered this for some time, so I will impose this question upon you because I like participation and I like to hear your own dreams.

If you were given the opportunity to have a game done just for one short scenario (i.e. demo or a single episode), what do you want to acccomplish out of it?

I want you to think beyond 'saving the town' or 'face the boss' because those are standard. This is "What would you want to convey to your audience about your theme or character?"

I will give an example of mine.
1) Provide a hint of what Reize's most important wish.
2) Show the narrative importance behind his pendant.

So.. your go. What objectives would you put up and why?


Seizui's Profile Picture
South Korea
(DeviantID picture is done by :iconnuriko-kun:. So, visit his page!)

I am not an artist, but someone who commissions artwork.
Llamas and other crap are worthless as shit to me, so don't expect one from me.

How I Operate as a Commissioner

:bulletred: I tend to look for people whose art style matches with the intent and objective of my vision, so I will not use one person for everything. Someone's art style may work for one motif while a different artist will work for another motif.

:bulletred: Overall, I am a nice guy. I am amiable as long as you keep me updated and am generally cool with people's flavors that they put. Other artists can agree. However, I do not mind being a jerk if you are proving yourself to be unreliable.

Where I can be found

Sanctuary Crew: I am one of the streamers for the group. We're a small, knit group that stick together.

Reize's Character Page

This provides huge detail as far as profile, background, attacks, etc. If you read it, feel free to comment below.

Commissions: Hired Artists Who I am Waiting On

These names will be deleted when the projects are completed. (Current As Of (CAO) 18 June 14)

:bulletred: Vellvette [Hired Jan 2 2014]
- (Gave Update: Yes)
- Current Status: She has been constantly updating me. <3 She can only log on at the weekends, so it's all good. Progress is going well.

:bulletred: mangartdraw [Hired 22 Dec 2013]
- (Gave Update: No)
- Current Status: Seems legit, checking for an update on commission.

:bulletred: therese678 [Hired June 2013]
- (Gave Update: N/A)
- Current Status: Hired to do my 10 page intro comic for Reize. Was only given one page so far. No updates despite being told that I would get an update. I should have handed the project to EUDETENIS instead. e_e

Unreliable Artists

This is the list of artists that have earned my contempt due to communication problems and overall ignoring the commissioner. So, you can hire them under your discretion. I don't care. Just don't say that I didn't warn you. (Updated CAO 20 DEC 13)

:bulletred: mazjojo: There is a difference between artistic liberty and screwing up the character. He has done this twice and looking at the one with Reize annoys the crap out of me. Not only that, but did not get previews to prevent such a travesty. This violates the fact of 'If it is not your character, you are not to change what he looks like to ensure that the character design integrity remains intact'. The biggest issue with him was the yearly wait for a commission, forcing me to change it, and wait another year. Hired 2009 for group pic, sketch came in 2010. The purpose for the pic was moot, so I asked for money back. He was unable to provide the money back . New commission, another year. No communication, no nothing.
:bulletred: kinly: Took the money and never did the artwork. His poor friend Watou had to give the money back that he took from people and disappeared into nothing.
:bulletred: ryuuen: Did other stuff except for the commission.
:bulletred: tooaya: Took too long and did not inform me that the commission was finished.
:bulletred: JDarnell:Took too long even get the commission done with no real update on progress. Good artist, but bad with service to her customers as far as communications go.
:bulletred: OverlordJC: 2 month wait, no update whatsoever. Not only that, but when it was completed, I was not informed and learned of this from another person. He also failed to deliver the high-res version via e-mail after I gave him the information.
:bulletred: Ferisae: This one saddens me a lot. I was hoping to like this as a commissioner. However, I waited from January for this and it was nearing the end of August. Got my refund completed 25 SEP 12. As much as I liked the artist, unfortunately, the unreliability is a fact.
:bulletred: Nefis Good lord, looking at one of the pictures, it was never completed and it even took long to get that without much real update.
:bulletred: Lo-wah Hired on 22 MAR 12, received picture 31 DEC. No preview updates in-between and wondered where they went. Granted, artist made irresponsible mistakes due to personal problems. However, this is considered a consequence of that. Overall, this has been a valuable lesson as I have had many unreliable artists as of late.
:bulletred: shinjyu Hired on 2 JAN 11, finished 16 FEB 13. ...I don't know what to say. This is one artist that I enjoyed the most and she had been reliable. But since this last one. I don't know now. :/
:bulletred: Riza23 Hired on TBD, finished Ahahahaa. ...More later when I care to finish this.
:bulletred: KenshjnPark Hired on TBD, finished Ahahahaa. ...More later when I care to finish this.


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JackCaliber Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Hey, I just kicked Reize's ass. Thanks for the good times. :)
Seizui Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Hey, sorry it had taken a while to respond; on vacation in Japan and only have mobilephone.

Anyway, happy to hear that you had fun with the fight.
NeonBlobfish Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2015
You created Reize. Clearly, you are a premature reincarnation of Chuck Norris.
Seizui Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015
If only. :( 

The dream of being able to do a roundhouse kick and it creates lights all over North Korea instead of just Pyongyang. :(
shadowlord19 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday. 
Seizui Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015
Oh hey! Thank for the birthday wishes, man! It's appreciated! :D
SurrealBrain Featured By Owner Edited May 20, 2015
I first learned of your character from Shovel Knight. He was quite entertaining.

However, I didn't realize until randomly looking it up that someone on deviantArt (you) created that character. I assumed he was made for the game. Sorry about that, though as one put it, everything is new to someone.

Personally, while he was a nonstandard character design for the game, I felt he fit in the game in his own way.

Just read a bio of Reize. Not bad.
Seizui Featured By Owner May 21, 2015

Thanks for the compliment! Yeah, I wanted to put him into Shovel Knight because the game seemed fun and I liked the idea of him traveling from place to place. He was supposed to be an outsider(though may had been considered too out of place design-wise, but whatever).

His intent in Shovel Knight was opposite from his time in Valdis Story: Where Reize's boomerang attack was extremely useful(was proud that a lot of folks liked using Reize) as an Assist Character in Valdis Story, it'd be the source of frustration in Shovel Knight as a Boss Character.

Another reason why I wanted him to be in Shovel Knight: It was a fantasy game and the tone of the game lended well to the type of environment that he'd be in(as opposed to grim like Castlevania-ish).  Granted, I had to crank up his ridiculousness for the sake of the fight, but it felt in line with his personality.

Thank you for taking the time to read his bio and your feedback. It is muchly appreciated.
RasgarBlue Featured By Owner May 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi there. Sorry in advance for being long-winded.

I came across this page several months ago after purchasing Shovel Knight, and I really liked the character of Reize. I wanted to know more about the character since he didn't seem to be in the same style as the other SK characters, and I assumed he might have been a guest character from somewhere.

I read your retrospective on the development of Reize and found it absolutely fascinating. In a way, I found that some of it mirrored my own experiences in creating characters. I too took inspiration from the games I was playing at the time, and many of my characters started out as bland and derivative, but managed to really grow into something unique over the course of many years.

I could really tell how much you cared about your ideas, and I could only imagine how exciting it must have been to get your character into a game like that. Not that I can necessarily put myself in your shoes, but I know how I would feel in such a situation.

When I was younger, I spent quite a lot of time drawing, writing, and playing music, dreaming of some future day where I might get a novel published, or even make a game featuring my story and characters. But recently, I've written off those dreams as being unrealistic, and they've sort of faded away. I don't think it was through any sort of conscious effort, but rather that as I got older and more mature (and gained more responsibilities), those things seemed less important. But I'm still so nostalgic for those times when I used to be a veritable fountain of creativity.

Anyhow, the point is, seeing how passionate you are about this stuff (coupled with the fact that you're a little older than me) really serves as an inspiration to me. I really want to do more with my ideas again, even if it doesn't amount to anything grand. I would like to try writing up a retrospective about one or two characters in a similar manner to what you did.

Thanks for bringing us such a cool character, and sorry for the rambling.
Seizui Featured By Owner May 4, 2015
Hey there! First, I want to apologize for getting back to you a bit later than I'd hoped. However, with food in my stomach, I can actually chat!  Mine will be just as verbose.:D

Thanks for the compliment, it means a lot to hear that people like the character. Admittedly, Reize looked a biiit more out of place than I anticipated. As one person commented, even Baz's sprite fitted in a way. However, I am pleased with Reize's execution overall.

I do also appreciate you taking the time to read it. I put it out there for a reason. In the end of the day, I'm just a working guy like many of the other people. Unfortunately, I don't have the talent to draw, nor do I have the billions of dollars. Heh, enlisting in the military and making smart investments (not buying a car from the get go, some airmen and lieutenants buy very expensive cars when they first get in) from having nothing but a small debt behind me is a contributing factor for me living quite a life that I live now.

That is always the funny thing. Our own ideas tend to be bland. Mine sure as hell was. I have realized that characters are stronger when you draw from other people's interpretation. Some of the unique ideas (dual boomerang wielding, expressive antenna hair, bad luck injokes) came from other people than myself and I incorporated them back when I used to RP (or collaborative writing for normal people).

For better or worse, I care a lot about my ideas that I get stubborn with a friend who comments 'kill your darlings' when crafting a story. Friend has noted that I am stubborn as a damn bull. But, I make no regres on that.

A friend said it best that I agree with: "Never in ten years would we imagined Reize to be in a game." I didn't think that'd be possile.

I actually agree with you there. The difference was, while more repsonibilities came my way and my ability to be that fountain creativity waned... I hated settling for where I was. Doing the roleplaying scene can grow stale and the mediums that I participated in have not been fun and have grew less fun. I hated settling because I had so much art done for the character.

...It'd feel meaningless to let a concept die when your accumulated paychecks went to artwork for the character.  Which, by the way, the reasoning for artwork for the character: Ever hated the idea of finding yourself using some other picture as a reference that may not look completely like your own? It's why I had stuff done for Reize. Mind, the design was derivative to a VERY dead game (Neophyte: The Journey Begins), but Jakuu transformed him into an interesting looking character. I had nothing to do with that redesign. It was supposed to be a simple art commission. However, it worked.

Nevertheless, I too have the same feeling nostalgic feelings. I miss being able to play as the character, create adventure-like scenes for people to enjoy. I miss the feeling of feeling like I am playing an adventurer in an awesomely mapped out world where I can draw influences from around the places to create wonderful scenes for not only myself, but for others.

Unfortunately, I also had a goal that I never got to reach to.  I wanted to be able to have the character grow and evolve to an older character. I had fun with another OC concepts that eventually died after 5+ years of playing him, I wanted the same thing for Reize and I had an idea of how I wanted him to develop. ... It never happened. So, from one disappointment with that to potential plotpoints that I wanted not being satisfied, the drive died. It's the cost of depending on other people.

Ahaha, but with that soap box done, going to your point.

I am glad that I gave some inspiration. The funny thing is that Reize is a concept of inspiring others, given that he was inspired to become an adventurer. I wanted to keep him human in terms of being that 'normal person' compared to other people. The ability to inspire is something that I wanted to give people.

It is possible to achieve your something of that fashion.

What I did? I saw opportunities. Kickstarter is... a risky endeavor. You can either get some good things out of it (Shovel Knight, Valdis Story: Abyssal City) or watch things collapse (Echoes of Eternea, Grapple Knight). I took those risks, for better or worse.

If you haven't, start networking. It may serve you well. Never in years would I have been able to hire someone like Hiroki Kikuta to compose a song for a character. That felt like an impossible feat. ...But, with networking and the state of today's world(I gave a spiel on why Japanese freelance composers have been more open towards the West).

Things are a bit more open for the opportunities now. If you can, take advantage of it. If you need a hand, I can try to see what I can do. Just as people have presented me with opportunities(and me finding them), I try to pass that on.
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