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Reize Artwork - Various Artists

This is a collection of the commissions of Reize Seatlan, my main OC.

Misc. Commissioned

My various other OCs that I commissioned.



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As I am unable to sleep and I am coughing and hacking, I figure I would take this time to share something interesting, in retrospect. Some may find it interesting, some may not, but hey, this is my journal and I can muse. I figure that I would take the time to go over Reize's origins and his design.

So, back in 2001, there was an RP place called The Eternal Fantasy, a Final Fantasy MUD, for those who are familiar with that medium. I don't know what made me create Reize, but I made him there. Originally, he was some thief kid who had no idea who his parents were. Just an annoying kid. Got involved in a story and eventually taken in by a family, which I took the last name Seatlan from a guy named Aerius Seatlan. I always made fun of him that his name is close to Aeris. The original look of Reize was based off of the main character from a Shareware game called Neophyte: The Journey Begins. I liked the look and the game had that Secret of Mana-ish gameplay. Did stupid things with Reize that I don't care to look back into, but I never played him for a while due to being in another RP place. Admittedly, at the time? I didn't care about the character that much. It was something to play and I tossed aside.

2003-2004 time-frame was when my friend announced that he was making a Final Fantasy Tactics Advance RP place. I thought about the old design of Reize and I figure I would transform him. While originally, he was a thief, I wanted to make him different. I was tired of the characters who used swords and daggers. I think someone suggested for me to go with a boomerang. So, I went with that. Reize was supposed to be a Tarot Mage. This was inspired by FFTA's card deal as well as Ogre Battle's tarot magic use. I tried the concept a couple of times in a couple of Multiverse places. He was still that annoying kid who left home ala Huckleberry Finn to find an adventure. Too mischievous. He always spouted about Destiny. Everything had a Destiny. His tarot was called the Deck of Destiny, or something like that. During that time, a friend suggested that Reize should dual-wield boomerangs. ...I figured, 'Why not?'. So, that was how the whole dual-wielding boomerangs came into play.

Embers Fly - comission by shirotsuki - FFTA Tarot Mage look.

Honestly, I didn't have a real grasp on what I wanted with him still. He was still that annoying kid who got into a ton of mess. I originally wanted him like a kid with bad luck as well in the comical sense.

In 2008, in my commissioning kick, I found an artist named :iconjakuu: from a site and I wanted him to do a commission of Reize. When I got the results..

This is after letting Jakuu doing an artwork of him(and Zue coloring him).
Commission: Reize Seatlan by Zue

...It changed everything. Compared to my original look, Reize was bland as hell. This gave a fresh take and gave me a new perspective to where I ended up re-evaluating on how I designed Reize and his story. For some time, I wanted him to be an adventuring traveler, but never knew how I wanted it to go.

I started drawing a lot of influences:
:bulletred: Tales of Symphonia: Lloyd Irving was an amusing basis. He was the only character that I could think of at the time who had some cool dual-wielding techniques. I tried incorporating them into the character. After some time, I ended up removing some because they did not fit, or revised some because I wanted it to fit Reize better. The Dwarven Vows was an amusing thing that I took as well. I decided to have the whole Knight's Vows things in the RP. However, given his transferring to the media, I had to change it to Knight's Code under a friend's recommendation. Principle is still the same.
:bulletred: Illusion of Gaia: This will forever be my most favorite game. It may not have been the best, but fucking god, I loved it. Illusion of Gaia was one of the very few games that I felt like I was dealing with different cultures. It was actually awesome that they referenced real historic sites.
:bulletred: Ys: This is another subset of the influence. Along the lines of Illusion of Gaia RP, I had a friend who RPed Adol from the Ys series. She is the person who got me into the games and I bought every copy that I could. My time RPing with the Adol-player was later reflected on to where I mused: 'What if Adol had a kid, or if Adol was a father in general?' I never did get a good idea of what Reize's father was like. The previous iteration was an actual knight who had a dark side to his story in my Anima version. However, it felt melodramatic. Bleh. The question that I mused is not possible in the game because Adol adventures the world until he is an old man, no longer able to adventure. Instead, he spends his time writing about his adventures. However, for this case, he served as a good basis of a source of inspiration (aka dad) so I took the traits for his father. In a way, those same traits fall upon Reize. Ys and Illusion of Gaia had similar premise of the main character wanting to explore the world. Not save the world, that's just along the way. The main characters' real goal is to travel the world. That is the trait that I took for Reize.

Honestly? Yeah, Reize does come off like a generic JRPG character. However, I actually like him that way. The other personalities never grabbed me and the thought of someone who is earnest is refreshing. Final Fantasy carried a vibe that felt too melodramatic to me. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance was somewhat of an exception, which was why I originally brought back the character in development. I liked to think of Reize's personality akin to Dragon Quest protagonist-types and the feel of their genre. There was that mix of Toriyama light-heartedness that can grow serious, but it was never too melodramatic. Though, with my mindframe now, he fits more the Tales characters. However, there are many things that I pulled away from:

:bulletred: Chosen Ones: I hate them. I hate chosen one types. There are a very few that I like (Ys and Illusion of Gaia), but the idea annoys me for some reason.
:bulletred: Relationship with girls: I wanted something amusing. So, the cootie thing. It's childish. Sure. However, it was hilarious and a different take. I had it to make him uneasy with girls. I can justify it by saying that he came from a very small hamlet in the middle of nowhere. The boonies.

Nevertheless, I kept revising him for places that I RPed him at. Another Multiverse place, Anima: Beyond Fantasy, a FF MU*. I realized something.

I wanted to play an adventurer so bad. It was why I loved Illusion of Gaia.  My longest running character was the main character, Will, in an RP place. I have done many things with him. Most of all, I remembered leading scenes of getting my friends to explore the world with me. I have done a lot of world exploration in my time at the RP place. I wanted that same feeling for Reize. Just an adventurer who wants to explore the world was a defining trait that influenced Reize's mindset.  He wants to be an explorer like his father. He never likes staying in one place. This is an important thing, as I eventually felt in an RP, being stuck in a single place, even with your friends as family, draws that wanderlust to even leaving them behind. Reize has a huge wanderlust.

Then, the final place, I found myself using magic a lot with him in RP. I realize that I have been growing very dissatisfied because he has been using mostly magic which highlighted something else. I wanted him to be a normal person.

I've always liked the protagonists that came from small places and end up in an adventure. I wanted someone normal but their adventure to be larger than life. I wanted the pendant that he wears around his neck to be a special relic that is responsible for his journey. This is where the Ys influence comes in.  Adol Christin never used magic, per se. He was a simple human that had an extraordinary means of using magic: Magic items. He had a knack for using magical items, no matter how little knowledge he has of them. I equate it to D&D's Magical Aptitude + Use Magic Device. I carried that same trait over to Reize. The relics that Reize finds(his pendant is a prime example) is what puts him on his adventure. In fact, his pendant that he draws magic on is tied to his personal story as Young Reize(who I have the most artwork of).

So, I pretty much had Reize as a normal kid, but has a strong will and high imagination. This will serve him well with the pendant that is responsible for his journey as an adventurer.

So instead of running away from home, I chose to have a bit of 'bad luck' set him course of putting him in an adventure. So, instead of relying on magic, I made him more melee-oriented. Fan of martial artists, so I made him an unorthodox self-taught martial artist. Not too good against real martial artists, but it's his flavor that utilizes his speed. Jude from Tales of Xillia is responsible for that inspiration of how I imagined him.

It's funny. Reize is supposed to be a ranger/hunter. However, his fighting style + being the speedy type gives him off as a ninja. It wasn't intentional, but.... heh.

Why putting him in other video games?

Well, we all want to have our characters recognized in a medium that everyone is familiar with, right? I've done lots of commissions. In fact, too many years worth of commissions. So, why not put him in a few video games. I'd like to be able to play as him one day and see his full move set in a Tales like game or fighting game(that I've painstakenly commissioned sprites for).

His role in the games are simple: He's traveling into their area, supplementing them with their quest somehow and departs to continue his journey.

:bulletred: Valdis Story: Abyssal City: He sees the world crumbling in this war of Angels vs Demons with humans caught in the middle, Reize decides to help Wyatt by enlisting as a crew member.
:bulletred: Shovel Knight: He wanders the world, hears about bad knights menacing a village, and wanders off to face that knight in righteous anger.

He's made to temporarily help folks on their quest, but to leave afterwards. Reize, in the end, is a traveler who seeks to explore the worlds. While I have mitigated allowing deep information to come out about the character, I may do that for some RPGs so people may learn about him better.

Regarding to Reize's powers/where he is in within the story in most games, he will always be somewhere the beginning stages of his story. He's not quite in the middle of his personal story. He generally has the fire element, Ignition, for Pendant's Power.  If he had all of his elemental spells, I would likely put him in the middle of his adventure. It'd be interesting to have him at near end-game with his final Exceed Burst spell: Prisma Gate. However, there is not quite a game where he would be at the point of being able to go all out yet, so having him at the beginning of his story is ideal for the balance.

When will he get his own game?

Who knows? :icongalvanizing: and I have developed the story for the game and are world-building, but still need to hash things out because of clashing ideas. e_e I've been toying with Unity. I've honestly envisioned a game akin to Illusion of Gaia(Zelda-ish without the typical Zelda look, hence IoG), but a look of Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky system is also nice as well. However, I have two things that I am dedicated to:

:bulletred: My military life
:bulletred: Pursing Information Assurance masters/learning more about Information Security

Recently started my masters after getting my bachelors in Computer Science in 2012. However, my role in the military is consuming me to where I have not worked on my personal story for Reize. So, whether a game will actually be made? I don't know.

I'd like to have his own story focused and for that chapter to end. In the end, I do like the idea of Reize growing older through each iteration, not unlike Adol Christin in the Ys series. However, I want to finish Reize's personal story and his travels in his own story. That will never be done through other people's games. Maybe hints, but...

So some point in the future when I retire or get out of the military? Don't know. When I'm old and decreipt? Who knows.
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I am not an artist, but someone who commissions artwork.
Llamas and other crap are worthless as shit to me, so don't expect one from me.

How I Operate as a Commissioner

:bulletred: I tend to look for people whose art style matches with the intent and objective of my vision, so I will not use one person for everything. Someone's art style may work for one motif while a different artist will work for another motif.

:bulletred: If you ONLY draw females, you are worthless to me. I will not hire you.

:bulletred: I only hire for original characters (i.e. mostly mine).

:bulletred: After you tell me where I can pay, I will pay immediately. All what I ask is that you give me the paypal e-mail and amount I have to pay. I operate under "send and forget"; so I send the money and e-mail and I will forget it after the transaction is completed.

:bulletred: If it's a gift art, I am not nitpicky. It is a gift, after all.

:bulletred: If I am paying you for something specific on the artwork with references to be exact, I will EXPECT the artwork to be as specific as I requested. I may allow some artistic deviations, unless it is something regarding the character himself in question (especially if it is Reize). The integrity of the character design WILL remain intact. No 'ifs', no 'ands', no 'buts'. Clear it with me first. Only very few people have more artistic freedom than others because I have immense trust in them.

:bulletred: I expect an outline of the artwork in question so that I know it does not deviate from my vision.

:bulletred: I am extremely patient with artists, so as long as you keep me updated with the progress of my artwork, I am happy. Even if you tell me that you are working on other things as well, I am fine with it as long as you directly tell me.

:bulletred: Not keeping me updated on the progress, seeing you lollygag around with other things will serve to piss me off and this will reflect poorly on your reliability and I will make sure people know this in detail.

:bulletred: Overall, I am a nice guy. I am amiable as long as you keep me updated and am generally cool with people's flavors that they put. Other artists can agree. However, I do not mind being a jerk if you are proving yourself to be unreliable.

Where I can be found

Sanctuary Crew: I am one of the streamers for the group. We're a small, knit group that stick together.

Main Theme: Boy with the Long Yellow Scarf

Battle Theme: Chase the Horizon

Reize's Character Page

This provides huge detail as far as profile, background, attacks, etc. If you read it, feel free to comment below.

Commissions: Hired Artists Who I am Waiting On

These names will be deleted when the projects are completed. (Current As Of (CAO) 18 June 14)

:bulletred: Vellvette [Hired Jan 2 2014]
- (Gave Update: Yes)
- Current Status: She has been constantly updating me. <3 She can only log on at the weekends, so it's all good. Progress is going well.

:bulletred: dbkunbr [Hired 22 Dec 2013]
- (Gave Update: No)
- Current Status: Seems legit, checking for an update on commission.

:bulletred: therese678 [Hired June 2013]
- (Gave Update: N/A)
- Current Status: Hired to do my 10 page intro comic for Reize. Was only given one page so far. No updates despite being told that I would get an update. I should have handed the project to EUDETENIS instead. e_e

Unreliable Artists

This is the list of artists that have earned my contempt due to communication problems and overall ignoring the commissioner. So, you can hire them under your discretion. I don't care. Just don't say that I didn't warn you. (Updated CAO 20 DEC 13)

:bulletred: mazjojo: There is a difference between artistic liberty and screwing up the character. He has done this twice and looking at the one with Reize annoys the crap out of me. Not only that, but did not get previews to prevent such a travesty. This violates the fact of 'If it is not your character, you are not to change what he looks like to ensure that the character design integrity remains intact'. The biggest issue with him was the yearly wait for a commission, forcing me to change it, and wait another year. Hired 2009 for group pic, sketch came in 2010. The purpose for the pic was moot, so I asked for money back. He was unable to provide the money back . New commission, another year. No communication, no nothing.
:bulletred: kinly: Took the money and never did the artwork. His poor friend Watou had to give the money back that he took from people and disappeared into nothing.
:bulletred: ryuuen: Did other stuff except for the commission.
:bulletred: tooaya: Took too long and did not inform me that the commission was finished.
:bulletred: JDarnell:Took too long even get the commission done with no real update on progress. Good artist, but bad with service to her customers as far as communications go.
:bulletred: OverlordJC: 2 month wait, no update whatsoever. Not only that, but when it was completed, I was not informed and learned of this from another person. He also failed to deliver the high-res version via e-mail after I gave him the information.
:bulletred: Ferisae: This one saddens me a lot. I was hoping to like this as a commissioner. However, I waited from January for this and it was nearing the end of August. Got my refund completed 25 SEP 12. As much as I liked the artist, unfortunately, the unreliability is a fact.
:bulletred: Nefis Good lord, looking at one of the pictures, it was never completed and it even took long to get that without much real update.
:bulletred: Lo-wah Hired on 22 MAR 12, received picture 31 DEC. No preview updates in-between and wondered where they went. Granted, artist made irresponsible mistakes due to personal problems. However, this is considered a consequence of that. Overall, this has been a valuable lesson as I have had many unreliable artists as of late.
:bulletred: shinjyu Hired on 2 JAN 11, finished 16 FEB 13. ...I don't know what to say. This is one artist that I enjoyed the most and she had been reliable. But since this last one. I don't know now. :/
:bulletred: Riza23 Hired on TBD, finished Ahahahaa. ...More later when I care to finish this.
:bulletred: KenshjnPark Hired on TBD, finished Ahahahaa. ...More later when I care to finish this.


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Lilac-DownDeep Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh! So you're the guy who developed Reize from Shovel Knight! I really like his design, very Tales style. <3 Those boomerangs bring back bad memories of Quick Man, though x'D
Seizui Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014
Thanks! Yeah, I have to thank Jakuu for that assistance. I owe that all to him, honestly. The boomerangs--hahaahha.  I wanted the boomerangs to be large enough to be like a sword, but not too big.  It is funny that finding the artists to get that balance... was a trial itself.
Caly-Boy Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello there sir!
I wanted to ask you if I may use you're character Reize the Shovel Knight version in a little project I am creating called "Shovel Knight with voice acting!" It's where we give a voice every single boss, Shovel Knight and Shield Knight and even the optional bosses to which I am asking the optional boss creators if I may use they're character before I start production on such a project. If you don't approve that is alright sir I understand completely. 
Seizui Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014

I have no issues with it, myself. Hell, I was actually surprised when another group of folks who already did a video:… (... Even if Reize should had sound a -tad- younger).

It was a pleasant surprise stumbling on it. I would like to see how the productions end up! :D
Caly-Boy Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah wonderful! Hm would you have any reference as to how you'd like him to sound that you can give me? Because I like to please the people who own the characters if they have a particular voice for they're character they'd like us to do.
Seizui Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014
Note sent your way.
kirbycompany888 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Dude, bad news, some guy called Reize a gary-stu.
Turkish-Phantom Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
If only you were as modest as the character you put in Shovel Knight.

Ss+(2014-08-28+at+05.27.10) by Turkish-Phantom  
CanasOminous Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hey, partner! I found your account about a week ago, but I was wondering how to send you a message to start a conversation. I've seen that you liked another fanart I made from Shovel Knight,  and through your profile I learned that you were responsible for creating Reize, one of the wanderes in Shovel Knight.

Dude, it's a huge honor to meet you! I never imagined that it was possible creating an Original Character and put it in a famous game. When I faced Reize for the first time I had no idea of that, I had to return to the stage only to face him again! Hahaha.

It's incredible how you cultivated your character, I hope Reize may appear in other games in the future, and maybe even as a protagonist, as you mentioned. Thank you for commenting on my drawing, I feel honored. See ya!
Seizui Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014

Aha, this is a good way so far. I've been mostly watching awesome artists with artwork for Shovel Knight. It is honestly great to see the game get some love. -- Yeah, Reize Seatlan s my creation and my most proud one. He was who I felt would fit in Shovel Knight(though some feel otherwise, but whatever).

Hee, it's cool to see some of the fans who enjoy Shovel Knight and I am glad to have been a part of it. Yacht Club Games have been great in every aspect from the advertisement to keeping everyone in the loop.

To be honest with you? Neither did I. Never did I dream that my original character would be in a video game. Kickstarter is a nice platform... if used right, for people to get involved in the story. People have a say in what goes on, and that is one of the things that makes Shovel Knight brilliant.  You know the relics? Many of the backers came up with it in the developer sessions that we had.

Reize has been very easy to some an difficult to others, so it's interesting to see how well people fare off against him!

Thanks, Reize has been my WIP for a long time, so it's nice to see him immortalized in one way or another. Nevertheless, I'll be keeping watch of your great art! :D
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