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Reize Artwork - Various Artists

This is a collection of the commissions of Reize Seatlan, my main OC.

Misc. Commissioned

My various other OCs that I commissioned.



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Okay, I mentioned that I would be covering topics about the state of things. So, here goes.

About Me

This will be a few times that I'll explain about myself. In fact, this part may be deleted. However, the explanation about me will be related to a following topic.  I never like talking about my real-life self.  There is information that not many people really need to know.  It's why I always put only info that minimizes stuff about myself.

So, as the profile says, I'm 28 years old, but I am also a man in the military with a focus towards Information Assurance/Security. Been in the military for about 8 years. Now, I have a lot of responsibilities and have to juggle around a lot of stuff.

This part will be kept moreso: I am a member of Sanctuary Crew (, a video game streaming group. We generally stream various games from Mario to even the newest games such as Warframe. I've had a set of games that I've streamed from Risk of Rain, to Shovel Knight demo, and so forth. I am the rager, I often threaten people with stabbings(don't take me too seriously on that... maybe.), and I am generally the Whipping Boy.  

Why am I mentioning this piece? This goes to the next part.

Shard Seeker Story

I am not as young as I used to be in terms of being able to write stuff. Right now, I have in my head what I expect out of my story, it is just the matter of getting it all written down. However, I work on the daily basis and am usually exhausted by the time I get back home.

My time has been spent on musing and I often jot down stuff. However, being able to write out completely what I want? I haven't been able to. Hell, it's taking me a long time to get to chapter 2. Chapter 2 is supposed to be where things take a strange turn for Reize and his adventure starts. Why did I have chapter 1 and 3? Chapter 3 was originally for Reign of Nezuel, but I lost interest in it. However, I adapted that section into my actual story. That may have some changes as well.

However, this brings me back to wanting to re-do Chapter 1.  I've recently ended up thinking about Reize's village and detailing it out mentally.  What my goal was for Chapter 1 was to show what Reize's life is like out in the small village. It is supposed to go over the day-to-day activities that not only what Reize goes through, but the villagers do.  After giving it a readover, I come to the conclusion that I have failed miserably to convey that. I will remedy that before I go to Chapter 2.

..That involves getting the time and the creative juices going to start writing it. Of course, I find myself distracted by work and then my streaming times.

Sprite Animations - Special Thanks

Okay, now for the fun part. I have been trying to get my references going for a while. These aren't going to be used for a game themselves, but in the games that Reize will be in, I feel that having references of his attacks would be beneficial. ...Thinking of the prices will make me cry, so let's skip to the Special Thanks, shall we? (Still missing normal attack combo, previous ones... I was dissatisfied with in the end)

He essentially did the base model/stances for Reize. His sprites served as a guideline for other artists to do derivative works of.
Normal Stance: Default and allows use of Pendant's Power and his tricks

Rush Stance: Purely aggressive. He can combo easily, but can only use melee attacks during this stance.

He was the first guy that I hired after I got the baseline from Abysswolf. A few good attacks were given. Whee! Then he was snagged for a project.
Blindside: Took from Tales of Xillia's Jude. It was a fast maneuver to get away from an attack and allow the person to counter.

Hunting Hawk: Bypasses an enemy and damages them. I won't lie. This is my ABSOLUTE favorite attack and I consider this a staple of Reize's techniques. This would be #2 if I was limited attacks.

Sky Raider:A dive kick. (Used in Shovel Knight)

Sparrondo: Influenced from the Tales series' Swallow Dance. For some reason, this does not seem as great as it could be visually, but oh well.

I swear to God that I will get his name right. Everytime I spell his name, it's always as Pasuuna. Anyway, he has done a few good attacks for Reize.
Talon Spike: A maneuver that is used to knock an enemy out of the air and into the ground.

Ricochet Smash: The staple attack for Reize. This has a chance of stunning/dizzying enemies that are hit. This attack is #1 if Reize was limited on attacks. (used in Valdis Story and Shovel Knight!)

Shining Moon: good anti-air attack

Exceed Burst: Storm's Eye: Think of this as a Limit Break. This is Reize's attack that is physical.

She was hire to do a few things to help complement Pasunna's works, because I wanted this whole deal done.
Bag of Tricks This is a randoms status effect. Anvil is STR Down, Banana is AGI down, Flash Bomb is Blind(ACC Down), and Pepper is DEF Down.

Inspire: This is useful in RPGs. This is a status up, likely attack-up to party.

Lastly, Giovanni Goin, no DA account.
It took a while with him, mostly because we had to do edits after edits. He was timely, mind, but it took us a while to get on the same page. However, we yielded results!
Shallow Flight: Rapid kick-attack. ...This could had been better done, but.. ah well.

Pendant's Power:  This is his Exceed Burst attack. This is the only time that he can use magic. For now, his default ability is fire. (Used in Shovel Knight)
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Seizui's Profile Picture
United States
(DeviantID picture is done by :iconnuriko-kun:. So, visit his page!)

I am not an artist, but someone who commissions artwork.
Llamas and other crap are worthless as shit to me, so don't expect one from me.

How I Operate as a Commissioner

:bulletred: I tend to look for people whose art style matches with the intent and objective of my vision, so I will not use one person for everything. Someone's art style may work for one motif while a different artist will work for another motif.

:bulletred: If you ONLY draw females, you are worthless to me. I will not hire you.

:bulletred: I only hire for original characters (i.e. mostly mine).

:bulletred: After you tell me where I can pay, I will pay immediately. All what I ask is that you give me the paypal e-mail and amount I have to pay. I operate under "send and forget"; so I send the money and e-mail and I will forget it after the transaction is completed.

:bulletred: If it's a gift art, I am not nitpicky. It is a gift, after all.

:bulletred: If I am paying you for something specific on the artwork with references to be exact, I will EXPECT the artwork to be as specific as I requested. I may allow some artistic deviations, unless it is something regarding the character himself in question (especially if it is Reize). The integrity of the character design WILL remain intact. No 'ifs', no 'ands', no 'buts'. Clear it with me first. Only very few people have more artistic freedom than others because I have immense trust in them.

:bulletred: I expect an outline of the artwork in question so that I know it does not deviate from my vision.

:bulletred: I am extremely patient with artists, so as long as you keep me updated with the progress of my artwork, I am happy. Even if you tell me that you are working on other things as well, I am fine with it as long as you directly tell me.

:bulletred: Not keeping me updated on the progress, seeing you lollygag around with other things will serve to piss me off and this will reflect poorly on your reliability and I will make sure people know this in detail.

:bulletred: Overall, I am a nice guy. I am amiable as long as you keep me updated and am generally cool with people's flavors that they put. Other artists can agree. However, I do not mind being a jerk if you are proving yourself to be unreliable.

Main Theme: Boy with the Long Yellow Scarf

Battle Theme: Chase the Horizon

Reize's Character Page

This provides huge detail as far as profile, background, attacks, etc. If you read it, feel free to comment below.

Commissions: Hired Artists Who I am Waiting On

These names will be deleted when the projects are completed. (Current As Of (CAO) 18 January 14)

:bulletred: Vellvette [Hired Jan 2 2014]
- (Gave Update: Yes)
- Current Status: She has been constantly updating me. <3 She can only log on at the weekends, so it's all good. Progress is going well.

:bulletred: EUDETENIS [Hired long back]
- (Gave Update: Yes)
- Current Status: Alas, she is task saturated. However, she thankfully closed off her commissions so that she can start finishing people's stuff. That's a step towards the right direction.

:bulletred: NickBeja [Hired ????]
- (Gave Update: Yes)
- Current Status: He has been busy with stuff, but he has kept me updated with his situation. So overall, no issues with him.

:bulletred: dbkunbr [Hired 22 Dec 2013]
- (Gave Update: No)
- Current Status: Seems legit, checking for an update on commission.

:bulletred: Viridilly [Hired ????]
- (Gave Update: Yes)
- Current Status: It wasn't too long that I hired her, but don't feel like looking it up. She has been posting progress. <3

:bulletred: therese678 [Hired June 2013]
- (Gave Update: N/A)
- Current Status: Hired to do my 10 page intro comic for Reize. Was only given one page so far. No updates despite being told that I would get an update. I should have handed the project to EUDETENIS instead. e_e

Unreliable Artists

This is the list of artists that have earned my contempt due to communication problems and overall ignoring the commissioner. So, you can hire them under your discretion. I don't care. Just don't say that I didn't warn you. (Updated CAO 20 DEC 13)

:bulletred: mazjojo: There is a difference between artistic liberty and screwing up the character. He has done this twice and looking at the one with Reize annoys the crap out of me. Not only that, but did not get previews to prevent such a travesty. This violates the fact of 'If it is not your character, you are not to change what he looks like to ensure that the character design integrity remains intact'. The biggest issue with him was the yearly wait for a commission, forcing me to change it, and wait another year. Hired 2009 for group pic, sketch came in 2010. The purpose for the pic was moot, so I asked for money back. He was unable to provide the money back . New commission, another year. No communication, no nothing.
:bulletred: kinly: Took the money and never did the artwork. His poor friend Watou had to give the money back that he took from people and disappeared into nothing.
:bulletred: ryuuen: Did other stuff except for the commission.
:bulletred: tooaya: Took too long and did not inform me that the commission was finished.
:bulletred: JDarnell:Took too long even get the commission done with no real update on progress. Good artist, but bad with service to her customers as far as communications go.
:bulletred: OverlordJC: 2 month wait, no update whatsoever. Not only that, but when it was completed, I was not informed and learned of this from another person. He also failed to deliver the high-res version via e-mail after I gave him the information.
:bulletred: Ferisae: This one saddens me a lot. I was hoping to like this as a commissioner. However, I waited from January for this and it was nearing the end of August. Got my refund completed 25 SEP 12. As much as I liked the artist, unfortunately, the unreliability is a fact.
:bulletred: Nefis Good lord, looking at one of the pictures, it was never completed and it even took long to get that without much real update.
:bulletred: Lo-wah Hired on 22 MAR 12, received picture 31 DEC. No preview updates in-between and wondered where they went. Granted, artist made irresponsible mistakes due to personal problems. However, this is considered a consequence of that. Overall, this has been a valuable lesson as I have had many unreliable artists as of late.
:bulletred: shinjyu Hired on 2 JAN 11, finished 16 FEB 13. ...I don't know what to say. This is one artist that I enjoyed the most and she had been reliable. But since this last one. I don't know now. :/
:bulletred: Riza23 Hired on TBD, finished Ahahahaa. ...More later when I care to finish this.
:bulletred: KenshjnPark Hired on TBD, finished Ahahahaa. ...More later when I care to finish this.


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catazarch Apr 7, 2014  Professional General Artist
thanks for the visit!

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1H3ro Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey Seuzui! Just wanted to let you know my manga inspired story is up and available to read. I don't know if you've checked it out or not since but I appreciate it if you take some time out to go and join the journey!

Let me know if you do!

Sure thing. I'll provide feedback once I get the chance to read over things.
AnimatorAR Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the favorite.  Check out my gallery.  ^_^
I'll watch you since you indirectly helped me find some artists to definitely consider buying a commission from.

Also, do you think as fellow commissioners that we should work together on promoting artists and their artwork?
Sure, all you need to do is just give people your experience and I can do the same, or relay a recommendation from you. After all, a good way to spread news about other artists is testimonials from other clients.
I agree! We're definitely similar in a way when it comes to how we perceive the art world as bodies that aren't really part of it, when all we can do is support and help get their work noticed. I'll post another comment with my personal recommendations later. :)
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